March 29


Hello & Welcome!

Hi, I’m Alison.

I desire to live a happy life. A life that is full of light and love. To shine to my highest potential, doing what feels true for me.

I believe authenticity creates radiance.

What does this mean exactly?

To me, this means that as I live as the Amy I was born to be, I shine – on the inside and outside, in all areas of my life.

When I embrace all of me, my talents and strengths as well as my perceived imperfections, when I do what feels true, when I’m confident in who I am – I believe that my inner beauty shines through. That’s the light people stop and take notice of, because its a true gem.

This is the journey I’ve embarked on, to find my true self and live fully as her.

Am I there yet?

I’m getting closer each day. And I’ve got to say, with the discovery, there comes a great sense of inner peace. An inner calm. Trust and faith that I’ll be ok.

I believe there’s nothing more empowering than discovering who you are and living unapologetically as you.