March 29

How To Lose Weight Without Dieting Or Exercising

I’ve lost 3 kilos, without dieting or exercising.

Weird, right?

That’s what I thought yesterday morning as I pulled on my jeans – now a comfortable fit compared to the ‘snug’ fit this past few weeks.

As I reflected back over this past week or so, I soon realised why the weight had dropped off = the trigger being energy healing.

A friend and I were practicing a new healing technique on each other and as she worked on me I could feel huge shifts happening all the way down my spine.

Prior to this healing session, my eating patterns had changed, I could feel my clothes getting tighter and exercise seemed to put on weight rather than lose it. So to wake up yesterday morning with a flat stomach and loose jeans, I found it very interesting looking back at what had changed over the past week:

  • Energy Healing – this started the process, got the energy moving. With internal shifts, it was natural that things would externally shift.
  • I caught a cold/flu – initially trying to fight this with my arsenal of natural healing tools, I soon realised that I wasn’t supposed to fight it. That was the point of the symptoms, it was releasing the old, toxic energy. I had to accept this and let the purge happen.
  • I spoke my truth – there was a situation in my life that had been building up and I had taken on a lot of burden. Having finally gathered up the nerve to say something, it was resolved in a beautiful manner – with huge lessons for everyone involved. The weight actually lifted off my shoulders and I felt light as a feather afterwards.
  • I woke up the next day and felt an incredible urge to go on a major clutter clearing spree – old clothes, notes, journals and email inbox – I was pretty ruthless. I knew I was shifting majorly inside, changing energetically, yet it appeared as if I was clinging onto possessions as a sense of security. In reality, my old things were bogging me down. Time to go.
  • Epsom salt bath – my angels guided me to have an epsom salt bath as a way of drawing out further toxins and then washing it all away with a cool shower.
  • I publicly declared that I was making the mistake of trying to be ‘good’ rather than ‘authentic’  – massive weight off my shoulders!

I feel light as a feather. I’m ready for the new. And looking pretty trim and slim without exercising or dieting.

6 tips to help you lose weight

1. Energy healing.

You could be holding onto weight to protect you. Emotional eating because energy is imbalanced. Energetically blocked. Holding onto old emotional baggage from your past. Not having energy to do anything because you are energetically drained.

Energy healing can:

  • help you work out what is causing additional weight
  • help to make internal shifts which will translate into changes in your behaviour and external environment.

2. Declutter.

This is so simple yet extremely powerful! Holding onto things out of fear causes a build up of stagnant energy. The clutter prevents free-flow energy. As we hold onto things out of fear, our base chakra energy centre becomes blocked, which prevents energy flowing to the energy centres above.

If you’re hanging onto excess stuff out of fear, ‘just in case’, then it’s time to let go. It’s clogging you up! (I don’t want to get too specific here but I hope you catch my drift).

It’s also clogging up shiny, new things and energy coming your way. For example, you have a pair of jeans that are years old and you hold onto them thinking that you’ll fit into them one day in the future. Let them go. Chances are your body shape has changed so rather than squeeze into an ill-fitting pair, donate them so that you can welcome a new pair that is much more complimentary of your figure. Ask yourself if you ‘love’ the item, if not, then donate it to somebody who will.

And with the email inbox, if you’re anything like me, it can get quite stressful when the inbox explodes. It clogs things/you/ideas/inspiration up. Time for a clear out.

3. Self-love.

This may seem like a weird one but one of your soul’s lessons may be to learn to love yourself. This may mean you have incarnated into a body that is not “stick thin” model-like. You may be here to learn to love yourself exactly as you are. What’s this got to do with losing weight? Maybe it’s not about losing weight. It’s maybe about accepting yourself as you are right now – to love yourself, love-handles included. As you learn to love yourself, unconditionally, the stress of losing weight falls away (and perhaps the weight might fall away too but that may not matter to you anymore). After all, what’s more attractive than someone embracing their sexy curves? It’s confidence that turns heads.


4 Speak your truth. Release your burdens.

If you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, this could be playing out as excess weight or a sore neck/back/shoulders. Voice your opinion in a loving manner, not aggressively. From an open heart. Feel the energy lift off you as you release what you’ve been carrying.


5. Rest. Relax. Do nothing.

You may be pushing yourself to hit the gym but have you considered that stress makes you fat? Perhaps pushing yourself to do that extra high intensity workout could be counterproductive to what you body really needs – a good rest.


7. Eat fat.

I’ve got to include this because I’ve increased my fat content a lot recently and my body is loving it, my cells feel more plump and happy. I’m not talking saturated fat, I’m talking healthy fats – such as those found in fish, avocados, chia seeds and coconut milk/cream. Amp these up and cut back on sugar – it’s the sugar that makes you fat as well as acting as a toxin to your cells, causing inflammation in your body.

There you go, some simple and let’s be honest, pretty painless tips to lose weight! I know I like the idea of resting when stressed rather than pushing myself to go to the gym.

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